Media Happenings 2.4.2011

by samita on February 4, 2011 · 609 comments

Super Bowl Week. Football was in the headlines this week as the championship game between the Packers and Steelers approaches. A record 110,000+ fans are expected to attend the game in (surprisingly chilly) Texas on Sunday.  The NFL’s labor strife remained a key topic of conversation as the deadline to reach an agreement is just weeks away. Both sides are scheduled for a negotiating session Saturday night, however by virtually all indications, an agreement is still quite a ways away.  The situation was highlighted in a lengthy article by Peter King in Sports Illustrated this week that is a great read.

NFL in Los Angeles. Also on the NFL front, AEG, one of two parties vying to bring an NFL team back to Los Angeles, announced a naming rights deal with Farmers Insurance for a ($1.2 billion, yet to be built) football stadium in downtown LA.  The deal is valued at $700 million over 30 years.  Many NFL owners spoke out regarding the deal, saying that it was an encouraging sign however cautioned that several major hurdles still exist, the primary one being securing a labor deal. AEG is competing with a Majestic Realty Company, led by LA real estate mogul Ed Roski, in its bid. Roski is proposing a $800 million stadium built on 600 acres in the City of Industry, about 30 miles east of Hollywood. Interestingly, Roski and AEG were partners on the development of the Staples Center many years ago. Both parties are hoping to have a stadium in place for the 2015/16 season with the goal of also hosting the Super Bowl that year.

iPad Newspaper. NewsCorp and Apple finally launched their long-awaited iPad Newspaper called “The Daily.” It is pretty much what one would expect (articles, news tickers, photos, social media integration, etc.) and costs $0.19 per day. Murdoch noted that it cost $13 million to develop. Many magazine publishing executives are undoubtedly keeping a close eye on The Daily’s progress and reception in the marketplace.

In Brief. Panasonic, Sony, Viacom and News Corp all announced earnings. Comcast and Time Warner signed an online streaming deal. The World Economic Forum wrapped up in Davos.  Follow us on Twitter for more.

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