Media Happenings 1.16.2011

by samita on January 16, 2011 · 618 comments

CES. CES wrapped up last Sunday in Las Vegas where roughly 20,000 products were on display by 2,700 companies and seen by approximately 140,000 attendees. There was a host of interesting keynote speeches and panels by Microsoft, Verizon, Audi, and Samsung among others, you can check them all out here. Product-wise, the big headliner this year was tablet computers, with some estimating around 80 different types being showcased. Wired summarized things nicely, predicting that despite the plethora of offerings, products from Apple, Samsung, Motorola and RIM will likely dominate in this space in the coming year. New entrants will all face stiff competition from Apple, who had a monster 2010 with the iPad, selling over 8 million units in the US, and is expected so sell somewhere around 20 million units domestically this year. 3D was also at the forefront after headlining CES last year. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG, and all the other key players were back with bigger and better offerings. Although some garnered a lot of press touting “glasses-free” 3D offerings, it generally seems that in reality, a high quality glasses-free experience is some time away (as an example, see this ridiculous read describing Toshiba’s glasses free product from last fall).  The mobile space was all about 4G, as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all highlighted their newest and fastest networks as well as several new devices launching this year to run on them.  Finally, here is a look at some other CES highlights as well as an entertaining look at some of the oddest products featured at CES.

Verizon iPhone. The big news of the week, although widely expected for some time now, was the official announcement of the iPhone 4 by Verizon. This was especially exciting news for many people who had been holding out on purchasing the product due to AT&T’s notorious network issues (John Stewart has a humorous take on this). It will become available on February 10th and Gizmodo has all the basic facts you need to know.

In Brief. New content in the 3D world from Penthouse, WWE, and Japan. News Corp’s newspaper for the iPad should be launching in the next few weeks. The NFL continues its strong television ratings into the playoffs.  IBM doing some really interesting work in computing and artificial intelligence, looking forward to watching their supercomputer “Watson” take on former Jeopardy champs next month.  Follow us on Twitter for more.

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